Updated: Apr 19, 2020


This is my very first blog post ever!! and I have been told for years that I need to do a blog and write about our before and afters and educate home owners about the design and renovation process. Enter stage left #COVID19 and all that entails with our new reality so I find myself with some extra time; learning how to keep a business alive during this time but also a feeling of some extra inspiration.

So let me introduce myself but also my partner in crime and maybe just maybe we will be interesting enough for you to keep reading! Haha!

We live in Airdrie, Alberta and operate our business in Airdrie and Calgary Alberta.

So my name is Tara Reid and no I'm not that not so famous actress from #VanWilder or #AmericanPie. I am from a small town in Northern Alberta and come from a family of talented artisans and farmers, so when I say my I have always had a passion around Art and Design it is true... I wish I could say that is where my career began and remained but I have had a 100 different careers each one leading me to where I am today and maybe someday in a later blog post I will get into more detail about all of the things I have done.

I have a Diploma in Communications and Design and enrolled in finishing my Interior Design Diploma as well and a long history of project management. So here I am owning and working along side my husband working on all the things that make a house a home and make people love their homes again.

Calvin is our General Contractor in the company and he is the problem solver, creator and subject matter expert around all things construction!! Calvin is from Newfoundland specifically Grand Falls/Windsor and comes from a long line of men in Construction. He jokes that he was born with a hammer in his hand and credits is Dad for teaching him everything he knows. Calvin has lived in Calgary since he was a small boy so he also is pretty much a native #calgarian.

We have been married for 18 years and have two daughters 15 and 12 and about a thousand pets these days!! Two cats, a dog and to my dismay a hedghog!!

Please follow us on our journey of owning and operating an interior design and renovation company and maybe along the way you will be inspired or even find yourself ready to pull the trigger on that along awaited project in your home.

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